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  1. Agile Methodologies ENT090082-U-ENG-HTM

    In this multimedia tutorial, students learn about Agile methodology and its relation to Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies. The tutorial begins with an overview of the background to the development of Agile methodology (challenges and fundamental changes in the global business environment and ways of working) and an exploration of the Agile Manifesto and methodology as a response to a VUCA world and new technological developments. Students then explore the relationship between Agile, Design Thinking and Lean Startup as it relates to innovation and delivery of work, after which they apply the concepts previously explored to a video case of an Agile business consultant who recounts his experience of implementing Agile methodology at a large global company. The multimedia features dynamic videos, interactive exercises, and several types of question and answer activities (with feedback) for students to reflect on their experience, apply theoretical frameworks, and predict outcomes for real-life business situations. 

    Academic Area:
    Entrepreneurship | Digital Technologies & Data Science | Innovation

    The tutorial takes the student through the aspects of oral communication which research and observation show will make the speaker be perceived as more charismatic. It covers the least frequently taught side of charismatic communication: the content of the speech. The first part shows how to frame the message, through the depiction of values, the future, the individuals as capable of achieving the vision, the power of the group to succeed, and the leader himself as the standard to follow. The second part teaches which rhetorical recourses are most effective in conveying the message. The third part studies the attributes and behaviors most frequently observed in charismatic leaders. The fourth part shows the uses of language that will reduce the perceived power of the speaker. 

    Academic Area:
    Organisational Behaviour | Human Resources | Marketing & Communications | Others
  3. The Internet of Things SI2-109-I-M

    This multimedia project aims to provide the student with an overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) so they can develop the ability to think critically and strategically about the opportunities and challenges that have emerge through the Internet of Things in our current digital era.

    The student will be able to develop the knowledge base for IoT in order to understand courses related to emerging technologies, digital transformation and impact of technology in different corporate departments and industries.

    The student is immersed in an interactive environment with 9 different sections, varying from virtual rooms of futuristic house to a Smart City and factory.They will always be guided and accompanied by Maria, the protagonist of our interactive case. The character of Maria contextualizes the learnings of the students and puts them into an entertaining and exciting story in the form of animations. This keeps the student engaged as well as teaching them in a learning-by-doing approach.

    This tutorial will cover the definition of the Internet of Things and the importance in today’s world; how it is changing every industry (health, manufacturing, urban planning etc.);  IoT partnerships and the IoT ecosystem necessary to make it reality, are some of the topics that will be covered. We will also examine how certain challenges such as privacy, cybersecurity, cultural, social or interoperability affect the way Internet of Things functions in today’s world.

    Animations, videos, pop-ups and other interactive features make the student´s journey an entertaining and practical experience in order to develop a full understanding of the Internet of Things in a multimedia format program with an approximate duration of 60 minutes. 

    Academic Area:
    Digital Technologies & Data Science
  4. Goiko Grill GE1-148-I-M

     The multimedia case study will tell the story of Goiko Grill; a casual dining restaurant in Spain, with roots from Venezuela. It looks at its exponential rise over a five year period and how keeping strong to a core culture has proved vital in its success.

    The story is told through exclusive interviews with Andoni Goicoechea, the owner and founder, and his journey over the last five years. We also speak to his staff on their experiences during this rapid growth – some moving from waiter to senior leadership in this short period of time.

    There will be separate sections, which will progress chronologically: Starting the company; Scaling and whether to franchise; To sell or not; International/future expansion.

    Academic Area:
    Economic Environment & Public Affairs | Strategy | Entrepreneurship | Innovation
  5. The unpredictable journey of entrepreneurial discove … GE1-147-I-M

    This Multimedia Case will drive the student through an immersive musical journey along a premium quality hand –made Spanish guitar.  The student will have the opportunity to follow the story of Manuel Rodriguez, a daring entrepreneur. They will be able to follow the companies and generation´s world trip and understand the reasoning behind his actions.

    Using Manuel Rodríguez´s case, students will have the opportunity to put themselves in the position of a serial entrepreneur, constructing their own journey alongside Manuel Rodríguez Guitars. Their decisions and experiences along the multimedia case will get stored digitally, in order to have an open discussion in class.

    Decision-making, drag and drop, and other interactive activities make up the learner journey; these activities are based on tangible entrepreneurial frameworks and business models.

    Academic Area:
  6. Lalaland: A case on electoral law LAW010283-U-ENG-HTM

    Lalaland is an independent republic, with a parliamentary system of government. Since its beginning, Lalaland’s economy was based on agriculture and shipping, but in 1992, the government proposed a shift of focus to electronic products and services based on the Internet. Lalaland enjoyed economic growth and prosperity for many years. However, during the dot-com bubble, the economy suffered a severe recession.  

    To face the economic crisis, a series of austerity measures were adopted by the government with the approval of Parliament. These measures led to social unrest and massive public and violent demonstrations throughout the country. Furthermore, conspiracy theories on political corruption started circulating through different social media platforms. Amid this social unrest, elections for a new Parliament took place and claims of electoral fraud were raised. This tension has led to the collapse of the political system and it seems that the only remedy to the political crisis is the implementation of a reform to the constitution.  

    However, some issues such as the choice of the electoral system, the voting right of expatriates, the use of technology for accuracy and safety of electoral results and the regulation of fake news are still unresolved.  

    This interactive multimedia case is composed of 6 episodes with audiovisual content that presents the facts to the situation of the country. After each video, the legal and contextual framework is provided to allow students to identify and understand the key elements needed to resolve the case. Finally, each episode finalizes with a set of reflective questions that guide the students in the draft of their final report.  

    This interactive case was presented for the first time at the IE Law School 2021 Comparative Law in Action Competition. 

    Academic Area:
  7. Airbnb: Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic DE1-233-I

    This brief case summarizes the short-term reactions of Airbnb to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the changes that it made to adapt its strategy. The case also presents some prospects for the travel industry after the pandemic and addresses the question of whether Airbnb should continue with its strategy or alter it.

    Academic Area:
    Organisational Behaviour | Strategy | Human Resources | Others
  8. Champagne Krug. El saber hacer de recuperar una casa … DE1-230

    The case describes the champagne house Krug turnaround process. The house in the late ’90s had a troubled financial situation. Acquired by the French conglomerate LVMH in the late ’90s, and despite the efforts and investments, the house did not seem to recover and, by 2008, was once more suffering financial distress.

    In 2009, Margareth Henríquez arrived as CEO. Based on her previous turnaround expertise in larger firms, Krug seemed like a less challenging project. However, her first year at Krug, with continuous declining sales, proved that Krug’s situation was more complicated than anticipated. The case allows a discussion of the real complexity in setting the strategic rationale of a turnaround. It describes the initial missteps and the search for guidance on the roots of the house, which brought Maggie on a journey of discovering the visionary approach of its founder, Joseph Krug.

    The case is rich in detail across all firm facets to allow a discussion on all the transformation measures taken and its rationale. Then the case is well suited to a debate on strategy implementation. Likewise, it might also be appropriate to discuss the adjustment of the marketing policies on a turnaround.

    Lastly, the case emphasizes the role of Maggie as a transformational driving force. A woman from a different culture on a selective, and to a certain extent, conservative market. Her strategic approach and her decisive leadership in challenging classic policies are also fundamental pillars of the transformation.

    Academic Area:
    Strategy | Marketing & Communications
  9. Jane joins the club: Diversity & corporate gove … CO1-280-I

    How to make an effective contribution to a closely-knit board run by a longtime and rigid chair, and how to do so as the only woman? This is the predicament this fictional case study presents Jane Pruitt, a 54-year-old CFO coming in from another company under shareholder pressure. She is striving to make a much-needed impact on a privately-held formerly family-run metalworking machinery and equipment manufacturer overseen by five male board members (and financially interconnected friends) all about 70 years of age.
    Jane begins to suspect that the intellectual, generational and gender diversity she was hired to provide was brought on board only for public show.

    The case raises important questions about the value of diversity in a team environment and will engage any student who has been an outsider on an insular, club-like team.

    This case presents several challenges that are relevant for organizations today. First, it explores a newcomer’s perspective on being an outsider in an insider-dominated setting. Second, the case presents a number of common board/team practices that undercut effectiveness. Finally, it gives students the opportunity to think and talk about board diversity, its merits and challenges, and possible paths forward to success.

    Within that setting, several instructional objectives can be met:

    • Diversity: The experience of the outsider, and the deep frustrations of not fitting in.
    • Board Process: Board effectiveness requires both the right board composition and the right board process.
    • Leadership: The next leader is often already at the table but may not match the stereotype of the old one.

    Academic Area:
    Organisational Behaviour | Human Resources | Innovation
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