For companies

If you belong to a company that is interested in using our documentation in their internal training programs or corporate university portal please contact us through at

We will be able to give you access to visit our materials and formally use them through the following licensing models:

  • License of a specific material: your institution can buy specific materials - materials on paper, multimedia cases, tutorials and simulators. The price per license is:

    IE has two rates:

    - For teaching materials in PDF (case studies, technical notes, etc): 

    • Corporate Rate: €8/student. Minimum purchase: 15 copies.

    - For material in multimedia format:

    • Individual Multimedia: €25/student.
    • Individual Simulator: €28/student.
    • Multi-player Simulator (depending on the simulator).

    The materials will be available up to a maximum of six months for the exclusive use of the required class and number of students agreed upon.

     These rates exclude VAT (21%).

  • Full Model Catalog Corporation: this model is aimed at companies that want to provide the use of educational materials to employees or develop internal training programs.
    These materials have exclusive use within the company for a period of 12 months and may be available for up to 3,000 employees. Using this model, access to the entire catalog of multimedia materials, with more than 90 resources in all business areas, will be granted.

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