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our products

Our catalog of educational materials includes both paper-based (PDF) and interactive (multimedia) resources.These can be case studies, technical notes (tutorials), videos or simulations and games.
For a detailed explanation of the types and formats of resources we have available for you, please refer to the list below:

Types of resources

Case studies

These present business situations, challenges or dilemmas to be studied and analyzed. Their objective is to exercise students’decision-making and ability to create solutions.At IE Publishing we have both written (PDF) and interactive (multimedia) cases.

Technical notes (Tutorials)

These offer the theoretical knowledge about specific topics. They can be used as the theoretical complement for case studies or by themselves.At IE Publishing we have both written (PDF) and interactive (multimedia) tutorials.

Simulations and games

These are one of the cornerstones of our teaching model. They allow students to practice their knowledge and make decisions with controlled risks.They increase student engagement with the topic, therefore significantlyimproving the learning process. The feedback from students is extremely positive; we use these types of resources more and more often in our own courses.

Simulations and games can be split into two main groups:

Single-player: students interact with their computer or tablet individually or in groups by solving dilemmas and making decisions that interact and compete against the computer.

Multi-player: these allow the whole class to participate together. Decisions are made individually or in small groups but have repercussions with the other members of the class. We have these types of simulations for different academic areas that include economics, corporate social responsibility, strategy, working in teams and supply chain management. Students interact with their group and with other groups in the class to achieve the objective of the simulation or game, which makes the learning an experience in itself.

Formats of the resources:

Paper-based (PDF) resources:

These include a wide variety of printable case studies and technical notes.They are made available to students in PDF format. We have such materials for every area within business management courses.

Multimedia (Interactive) resources:

These allow students to not only receive information but also the ability to interact with it.They include not only video and audio but also interactive graphs, interactive timelines, decision trees, exercises and more.That way their design includes gamification strategies, feedback, competition, role-playing, serious gaming, learning by doingand project-based learning, among others.

These materials are distributed and accessed 100% online and are recommended for face-to-face, blended and online materials.

IE Publishing has been developing these types of materials since 2001. This has allowed us to learn and develop digital content with increased interactivity, greater functionality and user experience.

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Document type
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Document format
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