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  1. Crowd2Fund in the Crowdfunding market of the UK DE1-218-I-M


    This interactive case study analyses the crowdfunding market situation in the UK, and the current strategy of the company Crowd2Fund within this market. 

    The learner will have the possibility to analyze this high growth industry through the lens of the recently founded crowdfunding platform Crowd2Fund. In the interactive case, Crowd2Fund's CEO explains his views on the market as well as his views on the company's current strategy, where he analyzes the sector and its future and shows how his company was able to arrive at where it's currently at.

    It is an opportunity for learners to strategically analyze the company, its future, how to approach it through the lens of whether this is a Winner-Take-All market or not, and how its competitive advantages can be leveraged in the medium term to ensure its sustainability.

    In general terms, the case can be used to address platforms, their network externalities and the sustainability of competitive advantages.

    This case study can be used in the second part of a core strategy course of an MBA once students have already seen the basics of industry analysis, resources & capabilities and traditional generic strategies.

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  2. The turnaround of Lego: continued growth under fam … DE1-213-I

    In 2012, LEGO overtook Hasbro to become the world's second-largest toy maker behind Mattel. The recently premiered “The LEGO Movie” grossed $69 mm on its opening weekend making it the largest debut of 2014. If all went well, soon they could beat its main competitor, Mattel Inc. But many challenges still laid ahead of the family owned company.

    LEGO needed to become a truly global and diverse organization to meet the adaptive challenges. To achieve this goal, Knudstorp envisioned the company as: “a unique niche player in the toy industry”. Was that the right vision given the competitive landscape? Would it be compatible with maintaining the company 100% family owned?

    Academic Area:
    Strategy | Entrepreneurship
  3. La Internacionalización de una PYME. El caso de AC … GE1-137

    The case describes the history of a SME that initially was operating only in Spain and had expanded providing service throughout the world. The case also allows us to understand which reasons were decisive kick-start the internationalization of the company. Two elements appear to explain the success of ACE. First, the very intensive use of computer tools and the internet from its origins and second, hiring of on-demand staff. These elements allowed a great reduction of costs and offered a wide variety of consulting services with a Lean Company structure.

    Even so, ACE, the company that became a worldwide reference in the provision of technical assistance services that works in more than 80 countries in all continents, has strategic dilemmas for the future; in particular, the case questions the models of growth and expansion in new markets.

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  4. Disruptive Innovation at BBVA SI1-147-I-M

    What happens when a multinational from another sector launches an innovative service which competes directly with your offerings? This material explains how BBVA reacted to the disruption of its micro-payment business caused by the entrance of large multinationals from outside the banking industry.

    The rapid acceptance of technologies by consumers offers an opportunity to meet a growing demand for new services. Many companies attracted by these business opportunities are placing greater importance on innovation pushing it to the forefront of their structure.

    Most commonly it is companies within the same sector that compete amongst one another to launch new services however sometimes the disruptive came from another sector which launches an innovative service which competes directly with your offerings. 

    This case has been designed for use in undergraduate, graduate (MBA programs and Masters in Management programs), Executive MBA, and executive education programs, and in courses such as Information Systems and Technology, Technology and Information Management, Digital Transformation, and Digital Innovation.

    Academic Area:
    Information Systems & Technologies | Innovation
  5. Sownage: Ciberseguridad y Continuidad Empresarial SI1-139-M

    The case details events from April to June 2011 when an attack on the PlayStation Network (PSN) occurred. As a consequence of this incident the PSN systems shut down and personal information about users was stolen by hackers. Students will analyze the facts and then present action paths putting themselves in the role of a PlayStation team member in charge of the situation. They will also need to develop a business continuity plan for the future.

    The case has been developed as a simple multimedia tool with the information organized according to the different stakeholders and through a timeline of the attack. In addition to texts and images each chapter has a number of links that students can visit to delve deeper into their analysis.

    This case study is designed to be used at various levels. Versions of this case have been used at the, pre-experience MBA, the MBA, and the Executive MBA, and a blended Global MBA in the session dedicated to information security management.

    Academic Area:
    Information Systems & Technologies
  6. Accountsville CF2-111-I-M


    This interactive tutorial allows students to practice their understanding of IAS 36 relevant to the impairment of fixed assets. Students must complete a series of tasks with the objective of finding out which of the company's assets are impaired.

    The tutorial is based around a fictitious town called Accountsville which must be explored to successfully complete five scenarios. For each scenario the student must find the carrying amount the recoverable amount and the impairment value with the help of short interactive exercises.

    This interactive technical note can be implemented successfully in MBA programs and specialized Masters Programs (Master in Finance, Master in Management, etc.), as well as undergraduate university programs.

    Academic Area:
    Financial Accounting
  7. Jordan's Sovereign Sukuk: A dual solution to … DF1-221-I

    The Sukuk sector is the fastest growing sector of the Islamic Finance Industry. Indeed, it grew by 14% within just one year (between 2014 and 2015). The total outstanding Sukuk globally stood at US$ 342 billion at the end of 2015. Sukuk has been widely embraced globally as Sovereign Sukuk has been issued by various countries such as UK, Malaysia, Hong-Kong and South Africa. Supranational entities such as World Bank affiliates International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFI), the Islamic Development Bank Group and even companies such as Dubai Islamic Bank, Goldman Sachs and Zorly Energy have all issued Sukuk.

    The Jordan Sovereign Sukuk transaction was the pioneer Sovereign Sukuk issuance by the country. Jordan, which is one of ICD’s member countries, has been very active for the past couple of years in terms of Islamic Finance regulations and framework given that it has four Islamic banks in operation in Jordan and passed the Islamic Finance Sukuk Law in 2012.

    Academic Area:
    Finance | Innovation
  8. Al-Kadi Commerce & Industry DO1-127-I-M

    The case presents the problems that the Al-Kadi Truck & Trailer Parts Division was facing related to its operations and stock management. In addition in Saudi Arabia where the case takes place the auto parts sector was also changing. The student has to re-plan the logistics strategy of the company choosing from a centralized or a decentralized strategy.

    To be able to plan the new strategy the case provides information about the company's current strategy the problems it is facing the sector the country and the market. Interviews with one of the executives animations of the company's distribution model and detailed informative maps of Saudi Arabia will help students to make their decision about the future logistic and operations strategy.

    The case can be used as part of a Supply Chain or Operations Management core or elective course to discuss issues associated with the design of inventory systems and networks. It can be used in master programs such as MBA, Master in Management, Master in Operations Management, etc or degree / university level students who have some previous knowledge on supply chain issues and logistics, as well as in executive education programs.

    Academic Area:
    Operations & Supply Chain Management
  9. Hadi, la palanca de la transformación de la nueva … CO1-269

    This case describes the implementation of Hadi Project in Cepsa until 2015. It goes into details about how it changed the landscape for the workforce at the company and deeply changed their culture. The generational changes with the irruption of millennials into the workforce is described managed with this project, with eyes also placed in the future and how this will affect the way the company works.

    The case ends with the challenges ahead at that point, and particularly targets the communications department and how its contribution could be able to support the further implementation of the project in other countries and even within the industrial facilities.

    Academic Area:
    Organisational Behaviour
  10. ABB and Galindo: Winning the Peace (A) RH1-148-A-I

    The complexity of restructuring of large companies can hardly ever be ignored. ABB & Galindo brings up the dilemma of Esther, Human Resources director at the factory, when she is faced with the transition of a factory into a service center. This meant either relocating, retraining or letting go most if not all of the current workers, with the additional complication that even after the official announcement the factory still had to run for another 18 months. This case also has a part B.

    Academic Area:
    Human Resources | Negotiation