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  1. Valoración de empresas, un enfoque gráfico DF2-221-M

    This interactive tutorial describes in a very simple manner the four valuation methods: accounting method liquidation method discounting of cash flows and ratios. Using animations and graphs it shows what each of these methods measures focusing on the balance sheet.

    The last section of this tutorial is an exercise where students have to apply the four valuation methods for a fictitious company. The objective is for them to see a graphical comparison of the different values obtained under each one of the methods.

    This tutorial has been used successfully in undergraduate, graduate (in particular MBA, Masters in Finance and Masters in Management courses) and executive education level finance courses, both in online/blended and face-to-face formats.

    Academic Area:
  2. Sownage: Ciberseguridad y Continuidad Empresarial SI1-139-M

    The case details events from April to June 2011 when an attack on the PlayStation Network (PSN) occurred. As a consequence of this incident the PSN systems shut down and personal information about users was stolen by hackers. Students will analyze the facts and then present action paths putting themselves in the role of a PlayStation team member in charge of the situation. They will also need to develop a business continuity plan for the future.

    The case has been developed as a simple multimedia tool with the information organized according to the different stakeholders and through a timeline of the attack. In addition to texts and images each chapter has a number of links that students can visit to delve deeper into their analysis.

    This case study is designed to be used at various levels. Versions of this case have been used at the, pre-experience MBA, the MBA, and the Executive MBA, and a blended Global MBA in the session dedicated to information security management.

    Academic Area:
    Digital Technologies & Data Science
  3. Los fundamentos de la contabilidad financiera CF2-117-M

    The objective of this series of short videos is to provide an introduction to financial accounting. It is aimed specifically at those students who have little or no previous knowledge of the subject. These videos can be used as a helpful complement in financial accounting courses or also as revision materials for students to make sure they clearly understand the accounting fundamentals.

    Academic Area:
    Financial Accounting
  4. Sunnsett AJ-I-TP-096-M

    Es nuestro primer caso interactivo narrado en formato cómic, de modo que permite al alumno una comprensión visual del conflicto del restaurante de cocina fusión Sunnsett y el local adyacente. El alumno debe asumir el rol del abogado de los propietarios del restaurante y, por medio de un buscador interactivo, puede encontrar información referente al caso, guardarla, compartirla con su grupo de trabajo y descargarla, para elaborar una propuesta contractual que solucione el problema presentado.

    El profesor puede controlar el progreso de los alumnos a través de una pantalla diseñada para ser proyectada en el aula, en la que pueden verse las búsquedas realizadas así como el porcentaje de búsquedas totales de cada equipo. También tiene acceso a toda la documentación del caso, así como a la información completa del mismo. El profesor tiene a un solo clic todos los materiales que precisa para generar un buen debate en el aula.

    Academic Area:
    Others | Law
  5. Rosa Vañó y Castillo de Canena CO1-259-M

    This case study tells the story of the gourmet olive oil company Castillo de Canena highlighting the professional career developments of its protagonists. It focuses on Rosa Vañó who just before her 40th birthday left an executive role at Coca-Cola to manage a new family business line in the olive oil company with her brother. She had given up what promised to be a brilliant career to take up a new professional challenge in a small company that is fast becoming her personal dream. It shows the dilemmas of such a decision and details the first successes and failures.

    The case puts the student into the picture with graphs and audiovisuals in depth interviews of the transformation of the company the people and their future challenges. It also includes the description of the strategy formulation process followed by the Vañó siblings as well as of their first strategic plan. It concludes with Rosa and Francisco Vañó reflecting on the future of the company. The economic crisis and the proliferation of new products have made it more difficult to achieve success through a differentiation strategy. In this context they have received an offer to buy the company which has both strategic and personal implications: Should they sell the company? Should they make the career shift from owners to managers?

    This case study can be taught as part of core MBA subjects like Organizational Behavior about career management and career transition. The case has been particularly useful in Organizational Behavior modules designed for experienced audiences, since they are more likely to be receptive to the career transition story described in the case.

    Academic Area:
    Organisational Behaviour | Innovation
  6. Plan de marketing MK2-140-M

    This multimedia tutorial will help students prepare a marketing plan for their business. With the help of a real example (Whisky DYC) the different parts of the marketing plan will be explained from the business mission and vision to the expected results and control mechanisms.

    A game based on the mission and visions of different companies and an exercise on the action plan of Whisky DYC are also included in the tutorial.

    Academic Area:
    Marketing & Communications
  7. Marketing en las redes sociales MK2-139-M

    This tutorial introduces basic concepts of the use of social media in marketing. A description of eight different tools and their general usage key features business application and some mini case studies are provided.

    Some multimedia material and a scavenger hunt of IE’s social media profiles round up the proposal and help students to assimilate the social media concepts and how to use them in marketing.

    Academic Area:
    Marketing & Communications
  8. Principales conceptos sobre métodos cuantitativos DO2-129-M

    This is a series of videos that help students to understand the main concepts covered in the Quantitative Methods course. These videos are enhanced through the use of presentations and diagrams on an interactive whiteboard in order to simplify the understanding of the topics. The topics covered are the following:

    - Introduction to Probability
    - Conditional Probability and Bayes’ Theorem
    - Random Variables
    - The Normal Distribution
    - Sampling & Confidence Intervals
    - Hypothesis Testing

    Academic Area:
    Operations & Supply Chain Management
  9. Anthony Research CG1-104-M

    An interactive exercise which encourages students to explore alternative designs for a job cost system. After studying the current cost system of a company students will simulate alternative approaches and monitor the effects on costs and profits. The material is based around four exercises:

    - cost behavior and the classification of costs
    - job cost systems
    - tracing of additional costs
    - alternative allocation bases

    Through a series of questions (with feedback) students are encouraged to explore tracing different costs and allocation bases to make comparisons.

    Academic Area:
    Cost Accounting & Management Control
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