Porsche: ¿Más allá de los límites del lujo?



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Case Study
Systems security, Cyber security, Business continuity plan, Internet security, Cyber-attack


Porsche: Beyond the Limits of Luxury? is a highly visual and interactive multimedia that highlights the strategic challenges Porsche faced while growing the company’s business in two very distinct areas: the high-end and the lower-end of the automobile industry, with the launch of their the Spyder, an extreme sports car priced at over €750,000, and the launch of the Macan, the most affordable model to date, starting at just €48,000. Students will have an intimate look into Porsche and the situation they found themselves in in late 2013 with data from both public sources as well as Porsche and exclusive interviews with the automobile giant’s Head of Press & Public Relations of Porsche Ibérica.

The case is separated into 6 sections. In the first, Porsche’s Stance, learners are given context as to the situation the company finds itself in, including TV adverts, statistics and interviews. In the second section particpants will discover a short history of the brand. In the third and fourth sections, The Automobile Industry and The Luxury Automobile Industry, respectively, insight is given into the market Porsche finds itself in, heavily influencing their strategic decisions. In the case’s fifth section, Porsche Strategy 2018, the company’s growth strategy is broken down for analysis, with another interview supporting this information. Finally, in the last section, Growth Opportunity or Risky Move, particpants can see the final takeways from the professor and author of the case.

Throughout each section of the case learners will have quizzes testing their understanding of the themes and at the end have the option to view and print their responses via PDF.

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