The Internet of Things



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The Internet of Things


This multimedia project aims to provide the student with an overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) so they can develop the ability to think critically and strategically about the opportunities and challenges that have emerge through the Internet of Things in our current digital era.

The student will be able to develop the knowledge base for IoT in order to understand courses related to emerging technologies, digital transformation and impact of technology in different corporate departments and industries.

The student is immersed in an interactive environment with 9 different sections, varying from virtual rooms of futuristic house to a Smart City and factory.They will always be guided and accompanied by Maria, the protagonist of our interactive case. The character of Maria contextualizes the learnings of the students and puts them into an entertaining and exciting story in the form of animations. This keeps the student engaged as well as teaching them in a learning-by-doing approach.

This tutorial will cover the definition of the Internet of Things and the importance in today’s world; how it is changing every industry (health, manufacturing, urban planning etc.);  IoT partnerships and the IoT ecosystem necessary to make it reality, are some of the topics that will be covered. We will also examine how certain challenges such as privacy, cybersecurity, cultural, social or interoperability affect the way Internet of Things functions in today’s world.

Animations, videos, pop-ups and other interactive features make the student´s journey an entertaining and practical experience in order to develop a full understanding of the Internet of Things in a multimedia format program with an approximate duration of 60 minutes. 

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