Sownage: Ciberseguridad y Continuidad Empresarial



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Case Study

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Seguridad de sistemas, Ciberseguridad, Plan de continuidad empresarial, Seguridad en internet, Hacker, Ataque, Ataque cibernético


The case details events from April to June 2011 when an attack on the PlayStation Network (PSN) occurred. As a consequence of this incident the PSN systems shut down and personal information about users was stolen by hackers. Students will analyze the facts and then present action paths putting themselves in the role of a PlayStation team member in charge of the situation. They will also need to develop a business continuity plan for the future.

The case has been developed as a simple multimedia tool with the information organized according to the different stakeholders and through a timeline of the attack. In addition to texts and images each chapter has a number of links that students can visit to delve deeper into their analysis.

This case study is designed to be used at various levels. Versions of this case have been used at the, pre-experience MBA, the MBA, and the Executive MBA, and a blended Global MBA in the session dedicated to information security management.

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