Loewe case study: Sustainability and Durable Luxury



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Case Study

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The case study describes the process of integrating the concept of sustainability into the operations of LOEWE. The leadership of the new CEO, Lisa Montague, is a key part of the process, as is a highly structured plan to measure and determine whether the process is moving forward. One remarkable aspect of the case is the Leather Crafts College initiative, a training centre open to people interested in developing this skill and who have passed a selection process coordinated by Getafe Council.  Having a pool of people who have become "artisans" is critical in the company´s plans for growth. 

This case study is ideal to use with a group of students who have management experience. In addition, it is very suitable for use in an advanced level programme related to luxury or communication, when addressing issues related to sustainability. It also certainly fits into a CSR course, when dealing with CSR in more depth than simply as corporate philanthropy.
On a Business, Government and Society course, the case is very useful for illustrating the application of Michael Porter's article: “Creating Shared Value”.

The most appropriate time to position the case is midway through the course.

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