Digital Marketing Tools



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Language: English
also available in Spanish
Multimedia and interactive
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90 minutes
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Technical Note and tutorial
Online marketing, CRM

Awards received

  • IE Multimedia Award 2010. Most Used Category


Digital Marketing Tools is an interactive tutorial which introduces students to the most important techniques of online marketing. An interactive infographic shows the different areas of marketing and their applications in the digital world.

A final exercise challenges the students to elaborate their own digital marketing plan. A podcast with additional comments from the author complements the tutorial and gives it a personalized point of view.

Author's comments

The interactive technical note is an ideal approach to give students an introduction to digital marketing tools. The small chapters mean the learning is agile, and the fact that the content is organized by marketing areas makes it easy to understand the integration beween traditional and digital marketing. With this approach the students learn how certain tools help to strengthen a special area, which can be most effectively integrated with the traditional areas and which can substitute the traditional ones. The descriptions of these tools permit easy understanding of the essentials of a digital marketing plan from a strategic point of view. From a didactical point of view, the multimedia approach is essential: nothing better than videos and photos to show examples and best practices of the different tools in use. Especially useful for the students is the podcast conclusion which allows students to access the main concepts of the technical note through an mp4 file. Without doubt the essential part is the digital marketing plan simulator XESK which puts the student in charge of developing a real digital marketing plan.
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