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IEPublishing Pilars

IE Publishing is the designer, developer and distributor of IE Business School's learning material.

IE Business School was established in 1973 and since then we have produced numerous case studies and teaching materials that serve not only as the foundation that supports class discussions but also contribute to the generation and diffusion of applied investigation.

The spirit of innovation is a constant component at our institution and for this reason we have an ample collection of multimedia materials such as case studies and tutorials that also include individual as well as multiplayer simulations.

In our collection, you will find case studies about Spanish companies, companies around Europe and many other countries as well as global businesses – all written by international professors at IE. Our materials are in Spanish as well as English.

Our main pillars are:

  • Our professors: a culturally diverse and thoroughly meticulous body of experts in areas of knowledge that reflect all aspects of business management.
  • Innovation: a core value of our institution.
  • Multimedia strength: the premise that our materials have diverse and interactive multimedia components.
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