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  1. Goiko Grill GE1-148-I-M

     The multimedia case study will tell the story of Goiko Grill; a casual dining restaurant in Spain, with roots from Venezuela. It looks at its exponential rise over a five year period and how keeping strong to a core culture has proved vital in its success.

    The story is told through exclusive interviews with Andoni Goicoechea, the owner and founder, and his journey over the last five years. We also speak to his staff on their experiences during this rapid growth – some moving from waiter to senior leadership in this short period of time.

    There will be separate sections, which will progress chronologically: Starting the company; Scaling and whether to franchise; To sell or not; International/future expansion.

    Academic Area:
    Economic Environment & Public Affairs | Strategy | Entrepreneurship | Innovation

    This multimedia case will be provided to the students after having read a written case, so they will already have a knowledge about the subject, the situation and the position of Meliá in Magaluf.

    The case describes the story of Meliá Hotels International in Magaluf, Mallorca, as a touristic destination that had an extraordinarily fast development. It became a reference destination, due to its climate and privileged environment. It turned into a reference of quality and cost-effectiveness in Spain for decades, driven by hotel investment and tourism in the area.

    However, in the 90s the perception of the area, as a quality tourist destination, decreased and began a period of inflection. These actions led to the fall of prices and margins of hotels.

    Faced with the situation of serious deterioration of the Magaluf area and the declining results of Meliá hotels in the area, Mark Hoddinott knew that they had to make a strategic decision about the positioning of Meliá in that destination. After detailed analyzes, reflections and a wide network of consultations with collaborators, Hoddinott concluded that the best alternative for the company was investing in the area and promoting a strategic repositioning to restart Magaluf as a tourist destination.

    The purpose of this material, is that once the student is aware of the repositioning plan that Meliá decides to make in Magaluf, have all the tools to organize the implementation of this plan, in order to relaunch this tourism destination.

    Academic Area:
    Marketing & Communications
  3. The unpredictable journey of entrepreneurial discove … GE1-147-I-M

    This Multimedia Case will drive the student through an immersive musical journey along a premium quality hand –made Spanish guitar.  The student will have the opportunity to follow the story of Manuel Rodriguez, a daring entrepreneur. They will be able to follow the companies and generation´s world trip and understand the reasoning behind his actions.

    Using Manuel Rodríguez´s case, students will have the opportunity to put themselves in the position of a serial entrepreneur, constructing their own journey alongside Manuel Rodríguez Guitars. Their decisions and experiences along the multimedia case will get stored digitally, in order to have an open discussion in class.

    Decision-making, drag and drop, and other interactive activities make up the learner journey; these activities are based on tangible entrepreneurial frameworks and business models.

    Academic Area:
  4. Machine Learning SI2-108-I-M

    This multimedia is in a template form with the goal of giving students a background on machine learning, its types, and examples of what it’s used for. It is a simple and straight-forward material that involves text, video, GIF and interactive tools (quizzes, etc.)

    The breakdown of sections is as follows:

    1) Home

    2) What is Machine Learning

    3) Why Now?

    4) Infrastructure Needed

    5) Types of Machine Learning

    6) Test Your ML IQ

    The tutorial is meant for students to do before they come into class, to give them a taste of the area of machine learning, without going too much in-depth (that will be the professor’s role).

    Academic Area:
    Strategy | Entrepreneurship | Digital Technologies & Data Science | Innovation
  5. Standtech Goes Public AJ-MCMI-114-I-M

    Standtech, S.L. is a technology company that decides to go public in Spain (Bolsas Españolas) and The Netherlands (Euronext Amsterdam) after a share capital increase. Each team of students works as a law firm that advises Standtech in the process of becoming a listed company. The multimedia case is a “journey” through the milestones of such process: (i) transformation of a limited company into an autonomous society; (ii) share registration in book-entry form; (iii) modification of the articles of association; (iv) prospectus approval; (v) attainment of sufficient share distribution.

    Academic Area:
    Others | Law
  6. The Expansion of Palladium Hotel Group DE1-224-I-M

    Palladium Hotel Group, a family-owned business that began on the small island of Ibiza, Spain, has enjoyed healthy profits and growth since its inception. However, in 2017, globalization changed the way travelers behaved. The board had identified the North American market as a key driver for achieving the group’s strategic objectives and high margin. The hotel group now needed to maximize loyalty, average daily rates, qualified occupancy and guest experience. How were they to go about this?

    Academic Area:
  7. Innovation Island DE1-223-I-M

    Innovation Island is an out-of-the-box interactive simulation created to facilitate a practical in-class learning journey for instructors focusing on various strategic and leadership themes, such as leadership intelligence, collaborative innovation, design thinking and scenario planning.

    After a plane crash, learners are stranded on a deserted island together with limited resources and an abundance of dangers. Using lessons from the professor himself, survivors must work in groups to develop a prototype that will assist them in confronting at least one particular uncertainty that jeopardizes their survival on this unforgiving island.

    This multimedia is unique in that it gives instructors the freedom to focus their session on the themes they choose (e.g. soft skills and leadership intelligence).

    The activity is also heavily based on collaboration and teamwork, encouraging learners to spend the majority of their time putting into practice the takeaways provided by the instructors in their class in a highly constructive way. Also, being put in a fictitious situation not typically used in higher-education/continuing-education settings, participants are 1) all able to connect and collaborate on a goal, regardless of their professional backgrounds, and 2) forced to think outside the box critically.

    This simulation can be used effectively in MBA, MIB and M.Sc.; Global or Executive programs at any level, particularly in courses focusing on: innovation,  leadership, strategy, strategy execution, complexity management and/or team dynamics

    Academic Area:
    Strategy | Innovation
  8. Heinz: Warren Buffett´s bid for the Ketchup giant DF1-225-I-M

    In 2013, 3G and Berkshire Hathaway acquired the Heinz group in a multi-billion dollar deal. But how much did they pay? And how did Warren Buffett, one of the richest people on the planet, even know what was a reasonable amount to offer?

    In this interactive case study, students assume the role of finance managers advising Mr. Buffett. Through video animations and Excel spreadsheets, they will need to make forecasts and ultimately predict a reasonable price for the acquisition of H. J. Heinz Company.

    Academic Area:
  9. Digital Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing … MK2-153-I-M

    In this technical note, students will get an introduction to key concepts in digital marketing, social media and mobile marketing. It should serve as an introduction to the topic that they can refer to throughout their studies to refresh key ideas and concepts.

    Through the multimedia, they will be able to read the technical information on the right side of the screen while, on the left side of the screen, they will scroll through an example. This will be presented through Maria and her journey through the different digital marketing channels while looking for a hotel in India.

    The example will be the more visually appealing part of the multimedia, presented through pictures and videos. At the end of the technical note, there will be an interactive exercise that the students can do as a series of quizzes where they can earn badges that display everything they have learned throughout the material.

    Since the example relates to the hotel in India, the material will have a Bollywood theme throughout.

    Academic Area:
    Marketing & Communications
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