How family businesses address the challenge of sustainability



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This interactive case is an initiative between Banca March (Spanish private bank) and IE University. The case carries out an exhaustive study of how four family businesses of great weight in the Spanish market face their sustainability objectives and highlight the importance of preserving the environment.

The owners of each of the companies have transmitted sustainability as their axis of action throughout generations, ever since a first-generation laid the foundations of the family business. For each of the four companies included in the interactive case (Actiu, Gonzalez Byass, Grupo Calvo and Enhol) sustainability is closely linked to their business pillars, identity, and family values.

The student will analyze the process of expansion, diversification, and internationalization of these companies, through strictly sustainable bases and taking into consideration the environment. Students will also learn how the new generations of each of these companies have been educated under sustainable commitment and have inherited the mission of taking care of their family legacy.

Based on the information and data provided, students will have the ability to perform different activities and solve questions to put into practice the knowledge learned. They will consume the material in an interactive and audiovisual format for easy consumption and learning. They will know the synergies between the economic objectives and the sustainability of these families’ businesses.

How family businesses address the challenge of sustainability
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