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This case is an interview with Gerhard Hexel, the managing director of PERI Spain, about the company’s management philosophy. Firstly, Hexel explains the staff training and occupational safety policies that exist at PERI such as driving courses. He emphasizes that although they are involved in a dangerous business, they are the safest company in the industry and have an annual accident rate of zero. He then boasts that staff rotation is very low due to the great training they provide and that people who do leave usually end up coming back. In order to motivate employees, he describes how the company organizes lots of activities such as sports, English classes, and parties. Regarding his management philosophy, he believes in delegating work, giving people freedom and getting work done more efficiently, not spending more time at work. He also believes that people should like to work and explains how it can be like a hobby. Although the company is now an example in the industry, Hexal explains that PERI Spain went through tough times and had to confront a crisis in 1992-1993 that it got through by cutting the employees’ salaries. Lastly, he discusses the future of PERI Spain and how the company plans to continue growing.

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