Tips to go online during COVID-19 crisis

Tips to go online during COVID-19 crisis

Tips to go online during COVID-19 crisis
Webinar: Online Teaching with Patricia Gabaldón

Now online teaching is more relevant and essential than ever because of the disruption caused by the Coronavirus crisis. You, as part of the teaching community, are facing the challenge of changing your ways in a short period of time.

We are mobilizing our efforts in many directions to support you. One of these challenges being the transition from face-to-face environments into online teaching.

In this spirit, we are offering the recording of our webinar about this topic. Split into these three videos Patricia Gabaldón, full-time professor and Academic Director of the Bachelor in Economics at IE University, provides tools and best practices for those of us also transitioning from face-to-face to online teaching. She shares her experience and covers the following:

Video1: Tips to transform your face-to-face to online classes.

Video 2: How to increase engagement in online classes* & Ideas to motivate students in online environments

* Partially based on "Guide to Transitioning to Online Teaching (Part I): Pedagogy and Practical Considerations”, MIT (2020)

Video 3: Q&A

Slides: Move from face to face to online teaching.

Tips to go online during COVID-19 crisis

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