Improvements to IE Publishing's Catalog!

Improvements to IE Publishing's Catalog!

Improvements to IE Publishing's Catalog!
Improvements to IE Publishing's Catalog!

At IE Business School Publishing we are constantly innovating and improving. This is reflected in each of our learning materials and now also in our online catalog.

Some of the improvements worth mentioning include our search engine, where you will notice an improved performance and be able to search by author's name for teaching cases, technical notes, tutorials and simulations.

We will now also start to have multiplayer simulations available through the catalog! These are the educational materials used in class where students make decisions and affect the results of their peers. This will improve IE Publishing's collection both in quality and numbers.

It is now also easier to regularly obtain licenses for our materials, since all of the previous transactions will be saved and available to you so they can be easily used in orders.

As a professor, even if the last materials you used were ordered by an administrative user, you will have access to these through your account if they were purchased in your name. Namely, if the office of documentation, copyrights, cases, library or the equivalent in your institution is the one who regularly places orders on your behalf, you will have these orders visible in case you need any data or access to your links to share with students.

The administrative user will also find improvements that simplify their daily operations, since added to the above you'll be able to register (and also deactivate) users for your institution in a more comfortable and quick way through the administrative area of your account. You will also have visibility of all of the orders placed not only in your account but also of all of the professors within your institution.

These improvements are geared towards making all of the processes related to finding materials, ordering licenses and other administrative chores easier for you.

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