Immersion and engagement for your class

Immersion and engagement for your class

Immersion and engagement for your class
Immersion and engagement for your class

"The best class ever", "The multimedia method always surprises me, it's fantastic!” "Practicing is the best way to learn and to remember the concepts". These are the opinions of some of the students who have had the opportunity to try our interactive educational materials.

At IE Publishing, we work continuously to improve and innovate our methodology in the creation of interactive materials.

Based on our experience and the opinions of the teachers and students, we have identified how the interactive methodology maximizes learning and changes the perception that student has of the class. The interactive materials benefit and improve the traditional classes making the students the protagonists, both in their team and individual work. They decide how they want the story to develop using the learning-by-doing methodology, applying key concepts and making decisions. This method helps the students to identify the real problem, find possible solutions, and prepare themselves for similar situations in real life.

Our interactive educational materials also help solve problems related to reading. Thanks to its design, content and ease of use, it is more attractive to students who often times find written cases to be too long and one-dimensional.

We have created a brief video to give you more insights about the interactive methodology used in the over 160 learning materials in our collection. In this video, we explain our vision, the way in which we create these interactive materials as well as how they are used in class and the impact they have on learners.

Aside from our multimedia materials, tutorials and simulations, our catalog also includes paper-based educational resources, such as case studies or technical notes.

We invite you to register if you haven't yet done so, without any cost so you can have free access to teaching notes and inspection copies of all our materials. With this simple step, you will have access to the world's largest collection of interactive educational materials that cover a wide range of business and management-education topics. Most of these materials are available in English and Spanish.

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