Las previsiones financieras



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60 minutes
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Technical Note and tutorial
Previsiones financieras, Necesidad de fondos, Exceso de fondos

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  • Best Valued IE Multimedia Awards 2008 Finalist


This interactive tutorial teaches students the procedures that need to be followed to make financial forecasts. This multimedia resource comprises brief theoretical explanations graphs and an interactive exercise. The exercise will be solved step-by- step as students advance through the program starting with an analysis of the historical data and finishing with the calculation of the funds required.

At the end of this multimedia tool a sensitivity analysis allows students to identify the changes in their forecasts (funds needed or excess funds) that would have occurred had some of the important variables been modified. For example increases or decreases in the cost of goods sold changes in the average collection period of clients changes in the average payment period to suppliers etc.

Author's comments

We use this tutorial note at the beginning of the finance course. It helps students to learn the theory about making a financial forecast and at the same time practice this topic. The end part is very interesting for students they can see in a graphic way and with figures the effect that a change in one of the variables that make up the working capital could have on the financial forecast carried out previously.

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