The creation and development of the brand Aquarius

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Case Study
The creation and development of the brand Aquarius


This multimedia case shows the complete process of brand creation, construction and management. Comprised of the steps that must be taken in the process, tools and strategies for communication, and the types of decisions that must be faced when managing a brand, students will learn a model that can later be used in other markets and sectors or with other products, as well as understand key factors of the creative process and the search for efficient solutions for communication-based business problems. 

Various videos with people who actively participated in the creation of the Aquarius brand are included, such as Marcos de Quintos, Chief Marketing Officer for The Coca-Cola Company, and Miguel García, Creative Director of Sra. Rushmore. It also includes several graphs in which students can analyze market tendencies, competition in the sector, or the rise in non-carbonated beverages in the Spanish market. This data is available in an Excel spreadsheet which the student can download and use to carry out a study.

At the end of the case, several dilemmas which Aquarius faces are brought up, requiring the student to consider different strategies in order to resolve the future challenges Aquarius will be faced with.

The case is recommended for students of degrees and master programs (MBA, MIM, Executive MBA) in marketing and communications sessions and as a basis for a work during the course. It can be used in courses directly related to brand management, commercial communication, integrated communication, communication strategy and creativity.