DIRCOM (1992-2016)

Descubriendo el Gobierno Asociativo



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Case Study


During 25 years of life, DIRCOM has been a model of Associative Government, of uninterrupted growth and promoter and witness of the evolution of a profession that has passed from advertising to information, from opacity to transparency, from social action to social responsibility, from the Press Office to the Communications Office, from creating images to supporting the construction of reputations, from being a technician to being a strategist, from being close to the influential to being the influential, from manufacturers of press releases to managers of intangibles.

The success of this survival, both of the profession and of the Association, must be sought in the unwritten pact between the political and business leaders, on one hand, the communicators and businessmen, on the other hand: businessmen who believed in Communication and professionals who did pedagogy and who convinced these businessmen with actions and not just words.

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