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Eva Brollo, a successful young professional, gets promoted to lead a team of people for the first time. Following the recipe for success that has worked for her so far, she jumps into the role trying to achieve as much as possible herself and setting strict expectations for her team members. However, her direct style rubs off other company leaders the wrong way and the team relationships begin to suffer. Eva’s boss, Alex Korbel, tried to remedy the situation by having a series of conversations with her and doing a 360-degree feedback exercise, but the situation may already be beyond repair. She is a talent and a valuable asset to the company, so it is not an easy decision, and Alex guesses that he might have also contributed to the problem. This is a typical story of a talented but inexperienced young manager, which can be used to teach a variety of topics related to career management, transitions, onboarding, talent development, self-awareness and career derailment.

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