Qué aporta la visión financiera en un negocio



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Technical Note


This technical note (TN) explains in detail the tools that can be used to analyze the financial feasibility and profitability of a business decision. Firstly, the TN emphasizes that managers must understand financial statements and their limitations. The statements do not aim to tell all the "truth" about the business; they aim to offer a reasonably honest approximation to certain aspects of it. Using Valparaiso SL as an example, readers are walked through an analysis of the profit and loss account and the balance sheet. The TN stresses that judging how well a company is managed solely on the basis of the information in the profit and loss account may lead us to form an incorrect view of what is going on in the company. Then the company’s profitability, funds flow and liquidity are analyzed and explained. Next, the cash flow statement is shown and readers learn that there are a number of different formats in which the information shown in the cash flow statement can be presented. The case wraps up by explaining that the criterion to judge whether a company is well-managed consists of analyzing its feasibility (measured in terms of the generation of net liquidity) and its profitability in real or financial terms. In sum, it is necessary to know what information is provided by the company's accounting statements, how this information relates to the business reality and what is or is not important for generating sustainable profitability.

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