PERI Spain Coaching in Construction Part: B



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Case Study


This case features an interview with Rafael Felices Huarte, the general manager of PERI Spain. First, Felices Huarte explains how the trust that management has in its employees has led to PERI’s extremely positive results, low turnover rate and low number of occupational accident rates. He also emphasizes that they focus on the best solution for the customer, not the lowest cost. The employees are highly motivated and an important part of the company’s growth. He also delves into the company’s values of self-discipline, responsibility, communication and learning. Next, he describes the company’s new diversification strategy of extending the range of services with the aim of earning a high market share. In order to carry out this strategy change, the company needed to hire construction foremen, which was a challenge due to difficulties in obtaining qualified personnel for on-site work. The company faced this challenge by setting up a professional training program which required the support of the director of logistics and civil engineering. Felices Huarte explains how he is not worried about hiring new staff endangering the company’s culture due to adaptation processes they have in place, other departments which influence conduct and leisure activities that help new staff to embrace the company’s culture. He wraps up the interview by talking about corporate social responsibility at the company and explains how basic principles such as rigorous administrative management of all staff on site (social security, medical check-ups, payroll, etc.), training courses on the tasks to be carried out, and strict compliance with occupational risk-prevention measures ensure they are able to survive in the long term.

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