Pedro Gandara



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Case Study


Pedro, a young industrial engineer, had just earned his MBA and landed a job at Innovaciones Metalúrgicas S.A., a top engineering consulting firm. His manager Marta, a very intelligent woman and an excellent manager, gave him the tasks of working alone on a difficult set of technical problems they were finding in nickel and tungsten alloys and to attend and contribute to the weekly coordination meetings to the best of his ability. Pedro ended up proposing four potential improvements to Marta in a span of nine months. Marta carefully analyzed each of his proposals. She rejected the first one on the basis of a number of excellent technical arguments. She also rejected the second one because it would be too rigid and time-consuming. Marta thought his third proposal could work but that it had some weaknesses that needed to be dealt with. For his fourth proposal, he decided to focus on something that was technical in nature since that was his expertise. But it wouldn’t work either. Since he had worked so hard on the proposals, he felt very discouraged and disappointed. One the one hand, he acknowledged that Marta was an excellent professional and knew that her decisions were fair. On the other hand, he was very upset because Marta never praised his efforts and focused on the weaknesses in his proposals without any positive feedback. Her managerial style was causing him to lose his enthusiasm and motivation and he was also upset with his colleagues for criticizing him. At the end of the case, Pedro must decide how to handle the situation.

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