La Bugaderia (Grupo ACIDH)



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Case Study


La Bugaderia, an industrial laundry service for institutions and companies that employees people with intellectual impairments, was discussing whether or not to expand its capacity by purchasing a second washing machine. It was facing a challenge because sometimes it could not handle all the work it had and other times there was excess capacity. This led to the idea of expanding capacity in the washing machine area. However, the company had to keep in mind that it was not just the washing phase slowing down the process. The team knew they had to standardize processes and be as competitive as any other competitor in the market, bearing in mind quality, the price and service. The manager thought it would be best to contact an external consultant to analyze the situation in a way that the solution would add value to the specific case as well as address any other production capacity and process problem. After walking the readers through the company’s current process, the consultant explains that orders must be transformed into units that can be used to help make decisions by drawing up a table showing the time use per unit for each step and each kind of resource. The case wraps up with the consultant stating that he will draw up a series of proposals along with a list of questions so that La Bugaderia can decide what step to take.

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