Six steps to an omnichannel company

The Customer Journey
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The customer journey is a 6-stage process that follows a potential customer through every touch point they have with your brand.

The six stages are: Awareness; 0 Moment of Truth (0 MOT); Evaluation; 1st Moment of Truth; 2nd Moment of Truth and Loyalty and Advocacy. In this multimedia students will be shown a potential customer experience each of these stages as she goes in search of a little black dress. Along with this, they will read a detailed explanation of both how to ensure any customer is kept happy in that stage, and which digital channels you can use to target them.

They will complete the multimedia by completing a customer journey mapping exercise on a downloadable excel, where they have to predict the emotions felt and the channels required in each stage of the customer journey. 

Teaching objectives:

  • To learn what different digital channels enabled for communication and marketing exist and understand their strengths and weaknesses. To be able to manipulate said strengths in a practical manner in order to achieve concrete results, measurable through analytics tools.
  • To understand what the customer journey is and how you can use digital channels to both attract customers, convince them to purchase and keep them loyal to your product or service.
  • To create a buyer persona/s that specifically target your ideal customer/s to enable you to predict the thought processes of your clientele and adapt your marketing strategy in order to ‘wow’ them at every touchpoint.