The Housing Market in Spain



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Case Study
Systems security, Cyber security, Business continuity plan, Internet security, Cyber-attack


Have house prices stopped falling? What is their natural resting place? The Housing Market in Spain provides a framework for analyzing and predicting house prices. The case study focusses on Spain, however, the analysis can be extrapolated to other countries. Students are presented with different information across six steps. In each step they must make a prediction, modifying their previous decision according to their analysis of the new information. The case takes a look at such topics as speculative bubbles, income trends, disposable income and income elasticity of demand.

A dedicated professor’s page, designed to be shown in the class session, allows for a full analysis of decisions in each of the steps. As well as seeing the tendency of the predictions for the whole class, the professor can highlight a specific student’s analysis and use this to encourage class discussion.

* This material will have personalized links for each student and the professor will have the ability to see individual and aggregate responses before and during the class session.

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