Current Topics in Economic Policy



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Technical Note and tutorial


This note provides an exhaustive review of economic policy and is broken into six parts that explain historical, conceptual and economic policy elements necessary for understanding the current state of the global economy. It begins by covering a historical review of world policy and goes into detail about how the economy of various countries has developed, especially after the Second World War. The second part covers fiscal policy and focuses on aspects of public sector activity such as taxation, budget and deficit financing as well as recessions, how they affect different classes and how social suffering is distributed through fiscal and macroeconomic adjustments. The third part discusses how money affects economic activity and employment and the effects of expanding the money supply using historical examples. The next part provides details on the policies and events around the world leading to the Great Recession. Then, the economy of Latin America and its recessions are discussed, with a special focus on Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Lastly, the text goes into exchange rate policy and describes different regimes and how the regime is selected for different countries.

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