Bringing energy to paradise: Finding the best market for CHP in Central America and the Caribbean



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Case Study


This case is about Distributed Power Inc., a power generation provider that is looking to expand its business in Central America and the Caribbean in order to take advantage of the untapped market there.

It starts by describing political, environmental, social and technological aspects of the energy industry, pointing out its many challenges. It then introduces combined heat and power (CHP) systems as a possible solution in order to create energy in a cheaper and more reliable way. It explains how CHP has already been implemented by Distributed Power in some countries in Latin America but there is still an opportunity in Central America and the Caribbean, especially due to the very high cost of electricity there.

The company must decide where to go by taking into account the industries which require significant amounts of energy and the regulatory framework, GDP, GDP per capita, ease of doing business, access to electricity, electricity infrastructure and electricity installed generation capacity in each country. At the end of the case, descriptions of ten different countries with key data are included that can be used to help analyze where Distributed Power Inc. should go.

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