IKEA: Comunicación Global de Marca



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Case Study

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IKEA: Global Brand Communication transports students from the classroom straight into the IKEA showroom. This highly interactive multimedia case details a brief history of IKEA and focuses on the communication strategy used by the brand in 2014, with an emphasis on IKEA Ibérica and its decisions in the Spanish consumer market.

The IKEA case is separated into 4 sections, each section being a specific area of an IKEA showroom (living room, kitchen, bedroom, and cash registers). In each room learners obtain information, watch videos and take part in activities by clicking on pieces of interactive furniture. In the first room, the living room, students get to know IKEA as a brand, their history, values and performance. Next is the kitchen, where participants will learn about IKEA’s relationship with consumers around the world. This section includes interviews with IKEA customers from various countries, as well as an interactive Brand Sentiment Matrix. Later on in the bedroom, students have a more intimate view of IKEA’s relationship with the Spanish consumer market. Here students can see relevant statistics and data of IKEA Ibérica both from public sources and exclusively from IKEA Ibérica themselves. Some of the most valuable material in this case can be found here, with exclusive interviews from IKEA Ibérica’s Marketing Director as well as their publicity agency McCann. Finally, students can review the takeaways from the case as they approach the registers and exit. Here they can see final thoughts from the professor and author of the case and are prompted to share their own insights via social media.

This case can be taught effectively in MBA, Global MBA or Executive programs in courses such as Marketing Fundamentals, Integrated Communication or Marketing Strategy.

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