Dale un respiro a los orangutanes: KitKat de Nestlé, Greenpeace y el aceite de Palma Part: B



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This is the second part of the case about the controversy over Nestlé purchasing palm oil in Indonesia for KitKats. It describes and provides documentation on the declaration issued by Nestlé regarding its purchases of palm oil in order to prevent further destruction of rainforests. It also focuses on the provisions for monitoring and ascertaining the impacts of Nestlé's palm oil purchases.

Part A is about how Greenpeace activists crashed a speech by posting a banner asking Nestlé to give orangutans a break and then posted a video denouncing the destruction of the rainforest due to the suppliers' plantations. It gives a background on palm oil, environmental problems in Indonesia, Sinar Mas, Greenpeace and Nestlé and then takes a look at the competitive environment. The case outlines conflicts that Nestlé has had in the past, as well as conflicts involving palm oil in general.

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