Laura Carpenter



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Case Study


Laura felt depressed and confused. The idea of entering the competitive world of an associate in Investment Advisory really didn’t appeal to her. She felt she had proven her ability and didn’t want to go through the initial stages of having to make a big impression again. Besides, David was her mentor, wasn’t he? Moreover, from all she had read about women in business, wasn’t the mentor system supposed to be an essential ingredient in helping women move to the top? Was she looking a gift horse in the mouth and just being a spoiled brat? After all, without David’s guidance and support, she might be still typing somewhere.

This case discusses Laura Carpenter's situation, which involves her six years of experience in an investment company and a recently acquired MBA degree. Her current role has setbacks and advantages, but when she is offered a new role in another department of the company, with a deadline for her decision, she needs to make up her mind.

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