Crowd2Fund in the Crowdfunding market of the UK



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Systems security, Cyber security, Business continuity plan, Internet security, Cyber-attack


This interactive case study analyses the crowdfunding market situation in the UK, and the current strategy of the company Crowd2Fund within this market. 

The learner will have the possibility to analyze this high growth industry through the lens of the recently founded crowdfunding platform Crowd2Fund. In the interactive case, Crowd2Fund's CEO explains his views on the market as well as his views on the company's current strategy, where he analyzes the sector and its future and shows how his company was able to arrive at where it's currently at.

It is an opportunity for learners to strategically analyze the company, its future, how to approach it through the lens of whether this is a Winner-Take-All market or not, and how its competitive advantages can be leveraged in the medium term to ensure its sustainability.

In general terms, the case can be used to address platforms, their network externalities and the sustainability of competitive advantages.

This case study can be used in the second part of a core strategy course of an MBA once students have already seen the basics of industry analysis, resources & capabilities and traditional generic strategies.

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