Ontier: Un despacho global con alma local



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This case describes the internationalization strategy of the law firm Ontier. Its international value proposition lies in offering its clients the best local legal knowledge as well as a uniform, quality service in all the countries where it has a presence. This value proposition is different than that offered by Spanish law firms, which typically use a network of alliances with local firms to offer their clients the best local legal knowledge. However, the quality of their services is not always uniform in all countries. This case study describes how using a joint venture entry mode helped the company achieve its value proposition and how implementing this strategy required changes in management systems and the company’s structure.

This case study was designed to promote discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the different entry modes within an “international strategy” or “corporate strategy” module where other related cases are also discussed. However, it can also be used alone in strategy programs where just one session is dedicated to international strategy since it promotes discussion about important strategy issues such as (a) creating a competitive global advantage, (b) choosing a country to enter, (c) choosing an entry mode or (d) implementing international strategy.

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