La economía estadounidense: caso de estudio



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Case Study

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Beyond a doubt, the United States raises stronger passions and more defined opinions than any country in the world. Whether it is because of its economic success, its role as a military superpower, its predominant position in world events, its impact on world cultures through the entertainment industry, or for other reasons, nearly everyone appears to have an opinion regarding the U.S. And these opinions are often poorly informed.

This case attempts to fill the gap in information on the U.S. by giving a quick historical introduction and a broad modern-day approximation to the world’s largest economy. It addresses many of the stereotypes popularly associated with the U.S. and provides data to critically evaluate these stereotypes. The discussion will inevitably lead to the rejection of many popular stereotypes, both popular and negative, and to a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the world’s economic giant and business leader.

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