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Iberian Lifts is a manufacturer of elevators, which is experiencing a serious financial crisis. The shareholders—the founder’s sons—are selling their shares for a nominal €1 to their main supplier Nomo Electronics. The new owner of the company, Alberto Nogales, has appointed Lucas Alemany as managing director of Iberian Lifts. Up until this time, Alemany has been director of operations at Nomo Electronics.

The morning after signing the share purchase agreement, Nogales is visiting the plant. During his tour of the factory, an incident involving two workers occurs which leads to their dismissal without any warning. The manager of that section is also fired for not carrying out orders.

In the afternoon, Nogales leaves the factory to return to Nomo Electronics’ offices, situated in another city. Alemany remains as the top executive and is unsure about what will happen the following day with the union representatives regarding the dismissal of three colleagues. He is not sure if Nogales’s actions will increase the social tension in the factory even more, or, on the contrary, if it will facilitate the management of the changes to be made.

This case is very well suited as a first approach to the case method for students, especially given its short and concise format.

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