Un caso de Coaching: Daniela Rabadan Part: A



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Case Study

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Daniela is looking for help for the conflicts she is going through in her interactions. Given that she's afraid of self-affirmation, which she associates with a loss of affection for others, her intelligence for interpersonal relationships is weakened. She is afraid to become undervalued, and hence doesn't put herself in value, and as a consequence suffers by not being valued by others. With Daniela we can see that it is not possible to understand other's behavior without understanding the concept that others have of themselves. Self esteem is a basic need to function and improve all of our capabilities. As a result of low self esteem, we see that emotions such as anger and fear dominate the interpretation of reality that Daniela has for decision making, instead of calm, peace or joy.

The student, after going through the case, is faced with the challenge of filling the boots of Daniela's coach, and to offer their approach to help the coachee with her process.

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