Novartis, estrategia comercial de éxito

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Case Study
Novartis, estrategia comercial de éxito

Awards received

  • Winner of the "Euro-Mediterranean Managerial Practices and Issues" EFMD Case Writing Competition 2010.


This interactive case was developed so students learn and put into practice their knowledge of developing a business strategy and sales plan. The case presents two interactive exercises which simulate students’ proposed business strategy for facing the commercial challenges the Spanish company Novartis faced in 2008.

The first exercise corresponds to the launch of Exforge in Spain and the second exercise to the launch of Rasilez, Galvus y Eucreas. In both exercises, the student should plan his/her business strategy for these new products as well as those that already existed on the market. At the end of the exercise, the student will obtain numerical results and graphs of the obtained sales, profitability of the strategy, Share of Voice among others.