Digital Transformation in Vocento

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Case Study
Digital Transformation in Vocento


The trend of people reading on paper is decreasing whilst the trend for reading online is increasing. This multimedia case explains how Vocento reacted to the shift of consumers from traditional media to online media and the significant reduction in income that this initially brought about. It discusses how the company was able to solve this issue by analysing data from its users in order to better understand their habits. With this information Vocento was able to make business decisions that have positioned the company as a leader in the field of online communication. The multimedia case separates the analysis of this experience into five stages from the initial detection of the problem through to finding a solution and measuring the impact on the business.

This case has been designed to be used in undergraduate, graduate (MBA programs and Master in Management programs), Executive MBA and executive education, in courses such as Information Systems and Technology, Technology and Information Management, Digital Transformation, and Digital Innovation.