R and the organization of the XXI century

Happiness at work?



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Happiness, Work, Tal Ben-Shahar, RCable, Happiness test, Life satisfaction, HR, Optimism, Emotional intelligence, Leadership, Telecommunications


The multimedia case R and the Organization of the XXI Century tells the story of the Galician telecom company R from its beginnings until the year 2009. It is focused on the HR management model which is based on management by happiness.

Students are able to complete different tests about personal and work satisfaction and get firsthand insight into coaching and the selection process from a happiness perspective. It is possible to relate R's HR management model with their own work life.

Author's comments

This case helps to define the differentiating elements between the employee-employer relationship so that a company like R can generate a personnel management strategy with the happiness concept as the central pillar and to encourage reflection about which of these changes would be more realistic and viable within the students' work context clarifying differences between sectors business and specific characteristics of the employees.

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