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Case Study
Mentor, Mentee, Mentoring, Coaching, Career development, Professional development, Career change


This interactive case presents diverse experiences of formal mentoring as experienced by IE students and mentors that have participated in mentoring programs at IE Business School.

This case will encourage both mentees and mentors to reflect on each of the stages of the mentoring process. In this way they will be able to use and apply the questions posed the different examples shown the exercises (with feedback) and the interviews in their own mentoring processes.

Author's comments

This case provides the conceptual framework for the mentoring process and has been supplemented with various experiences of mentors and mentees. The mentor mentee and the person in charge of the mentoring program should fix beforehand the expectations so they can be treated accordingly. Through this simulation of the entire process which begins with the reflection of the individual the mentor and the mentee can discover the implications of their decisions and monitor them. This case about Mentoring also shows the management of a wide variety of profiles and experiences that can serve as a great support to both students and professionals through a careful process of selection and assignment beforehand. The success of any mentoring program is largely dependent on everyone involved however there are support tools that help to discover from the beginning what the expectations are and in this way allow them to be managed.

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