Plan de Medios



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Language: Spanish
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90 minutes
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Technical Note and tutorial
Plan de medios, Agencia de medios, Anunciantes, Briefing, Estrategia de medios, Planificación, Negociación, Compra de medios, Seguimiento y control, Facturación, Evaluación y cierre


This tutorial introduces students to the different aspects of media planning from the initial process through to the different stakeholders involved in the changing landscape of media and media agencies. The entire process is explained through the use of a real multimedia case about the launch of a new car.

Information about the media sector and advertisers explain in dynamic way how new technologies have changed the sector in recent years. The case includes exercises and videos with managers from the sector which help students understand the basic concepts in an interactive and practical manner.

Author's comments

Media planning is one of the main aspects of Commercial Management especially in these times when audiences are dispersed and media is converging. This tutorial allows students to understand the Spanish and European situation on this matter hear some of the key actors speaking and see through a real case study the whole process of media planning from the briefing to the evaluation and closing of the campaign. As well as this students can complete several exercises that allow them to review the main concepts and practice the content of this tutorial. This is an essential material for courses related to Marketing Fundamentals as well as other courses related to commercial communication.

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