Fiat Stilo: Positioning



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Case Study

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Fiat Stilo: Positioning

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  • IE Multimedia Award 2006. Most Used Category, 2nd IE case study competition, 2003


This interactive multimedia case analyzes Fiat Auto Spain's positioning strategy of a new product from different perspectives. During this interactive exercise students can assume different roles (Managing Director Marketing Manager or Sales Manager) deal with the decisions regarding a product's positioning and analyze the coherency of the decisions made in the company's various areas.

Author's comments

I use this case for two reasons: On the one hand there are many marketing concepts involved and I can evaluate all of them in one session. On the other hand I can use it for the strategic marketing plan class because it is about the launch of a new product. Apart from the fact that the topic is familiar to students our students know about the automobile sector both from the spectator viewpoint and as consumers they also know the company because it is a large one. Using this case students receive feedback from the application they have to analyze different options and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these they have to adopt a role (sales or marketing director) and this normally leads to a great debate in class.

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