Gráfico interactivo del tipo de cambio



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Language: Spanish
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Multimedia and interactive
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Technical Note and tutorial
Gráfico interactivo del tipo de cambio

Awards received

  • IE Multimedia Award 2007. Highest Rated Category


This interactive tool enables students to understand the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the foreign exchange market in the short term. Students can interact with the variables of the currency demand and supply curves and see the effect on the exchange rate. This can be used by students on their own or by teachers to support their explanations in the classroom.

This interactive material enables students to learn and grasp the cause-effect relation of the variables that affect currency supply and demand and their impact on exchange rates in the short term. It assumes that they already know the theoretical concepts underlying the determination and adjustment of exchange rates. This resource also contains some exercises to test students’ comprehension of how the currency demand and supply curves work and cross-check their answers via the graph.

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