The United States Economy



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The United States Economy

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This multimedia case considers the development of the U.S. Economy up until 2005 detailing its achievements and shortfalls. It charts the history of the country and attempts to simulate the power of the nation on the rest of the world.

The case is separated into three main areas: an in-depth country analysis detailing key economic indicators and their progress an interactive timeline charting the history of the U.S. and a simulator which aids in the discussion of the effects of the U.S. economy on the rest of the world.

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This case discusses the special features of the world´s leading economy including contrasts with the European welfare-state model factors behind US development and prosperity immigration and changing demographics productivity and the challenge of sustainability. It also includes economic data for the decade up to 2006 to illustrate the US business cycle and its special features the problem of the twin deficits and the policy challenges facing the U.S. government. The case includes a simulator that allows students not only to design a policy mix for the U.S. economy and observe its effects on U.S. indicators but also to observe how those policies would influence growth in a number of other world economies and how they would affect global growth.

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