Simulador de políticas económicas



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Simulations and Games
Simulador de políticas económicas

Awards received

  • MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources. MERLOT Classics 2015


Beginning with the details of an unnamed country this interactive exercise lets students combine various economic policies to analyze their future impact (in the following two years) on the main macroeconomic indicators. The results and feedback given to students are expressed numerically and graphically.

Students also have access to the results of the combination of policies used throughout the exercise so that they can be compared. Said results can be printed for subsequent discussion.

Author's comments

This interactive case takes three real countries whose identity is not revealed and asks students to design an economic policy to address their problems. An interactive simulator enables them to assess the effects of their policy choices on GDP investment inflation unemployment deficit and debt thus reinforcing their learning not only of the effects of the different economic policies but also of the intricate links between the different economic indicators and the tradeoffs involved in policymaking. The case has been highly popular with students.

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