Spain Case Study

From Transition to Modern Times



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Case Study
Spain Case Study


This interactive case describes the main problems of the Spanish economy between 1973 and 2010 setting the context for students to analyze the solutions provided by the different governments in power. It includes significant multimedia materials (photographs audio clips of speeches and interviews newspaper headlines graphs and tables) and related texts. There are also interactive graph which can be created based on students’ choices enabling them in this way to compare key economic indexes at specific times.

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I use the Spain case study in the country analysis class of the International MBA and also in Executive Education courses as well as with visiting students from the U.S. Portugal France and Latin American countries. The differentiating factor of the case is that because it is multimedia it allows students to watch videos and listen to audio recordings of important moments in recent Spanish history. This allows for a better understanding of events than simply reading the paper –based version. The case also allows students to define the economic variables that they wish to analyze and quickly receive graphs showing the results of the period that they are interested in. This gives a great deal of flexibility to the case. It allows students to analyze single variables throughout a period of some 30 years or alternatively students can analyze 3 or 4 variables across a 4 or 5 year period. In this way the case responds and adapts to the questions of the user.

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