Masters Series Madrid



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Masters Series Madrid

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  • IE Multimedia Award 2008. Most Innovative Category


The Masters Series Madrid multimedia case has been developed as a simulation where students take the role of project manager of this sporting event. Their responsibility is to prepare a successful tournament by the inauguration date whilst ensuring profitability and high notoriety in global media. Students will develop their Gantt diagram (planning) and later manage the development of the project. In this way they will learn about project management and have the opportunity to put it into practice.

This multimedia case has a wide range of supporting resources such as video interviews with tournament executives who discuss the event its planning process and key activities construction videos of the different areas and many photos of the development stages and operations.

Author's comments

This tool simulates very realistically the management of a very complex project: the planning of the annual tennis tournament the Masters Series in Madrid. Students will have to make decisions that affect the project throughout a simulated year and are evaluated on their performance. It is ideal for debating about a topic of growing importance: the management of complex projects. The length of the simulation is from one to two hours so it is advisable to assign this case individually or in groups before the class dedicated to project management. During the class the case allows for the development of topics related to project leadership time management and specialized tools (Gant diagram) resources and budget management. Risk management is also included through some events that occur randomly and affect the outcome. (Ángel Díaz)

Today in business management there is a growing number of companies that use project management to help improve their results. Possible reasons for its use are that some businesses require this kind of organization due to market characteristics or because focusing on projects allow them a temporary dedication of resources with results that are easier to quantify (joint ventures or new product launches).

This multimedia tool is simple clear and it focuses on a service project (one of a top ranked tennis championship) as a support for understanding the keys for managing a project. By using the multimedia case we feel closer to the dynamics of the project and the objectives that must be met within a set period of time. (Jesús Morcillo)

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