DANA: In the Footsteps of Khadijah al-Kubra. Women Banking at the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank



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Case Study

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This case focuses on how Islamic banking, and especially women’s banking, has been evolving in recent years in the UAE with banks created based on their religious and ethical principles. It explains the history of Islamic banking as well as how the banks function in order to be Shari’ah compliant. The case provides cultural insight into how the world of finance works in these countries where there are banks run by women with female customers in a family-like atmosphere. One of these is a branch for women created by ADIB called Dana. Through product innovation, it was created with specific products and services for women based on research and has been very successful. The case emphasizes how women are inspired by these banks for women and are able to be successful and fulfill their professional goals. It explains how women are in charge of their own money and how they have financial and decision-making power in their households as well as in the business world and goes into detail about how women are investors, financial managers, credit receivers and customers in these countries.  Financial service providers in the West can draw useful lessons on how to adapt financial products to serve the needs of women.

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