Moment of a force



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Moment of a force, Vector, Force, Weight, Foundation, Torque


Multimedia documentation that develops the concept of movement of a force. Several examples exercises applied to architecture and different animations are included so that students can learn and practice this concept of physics.

The last section has been developed as a challenging game students have to make the calculations for the construction of a slanted building making sure that its foundations can resist the movement produced by wind and the building’s weight.

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The objective of this multimedia material is to teach the concept of the Moment of a Force and its application to real cases. It offers the possibility of watching animations where moment is present carrying out interactive exercises where the student checks step by step their understanding as well as giving them the chance to work with a real case simulation (simplified) in which the concept of moment is applied. This hands on and interactive approach facilitates student understanding of the subject and details what causes it its uses and the way it is calculated.

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